Use Inkwire to design, facilitate, document, and assess project-based learning

Great for both collaborative PBL and personalized projects (including Genius Hour, Capstone, and interest projects)


Organize, plan & differentiate

Provide instructions and resources so that students can have immediate access and go at their own pace–freeing up the teacher to provide individual support.

Add another educator as a Designer to create interdisciplinary projects. Or, open up design access to students to collaboratively design personalized projects.


Collect evidence in any format

Allow students to demonstrate learning in a variety of ways––audio, video, links, documents––and have it displayed in beautiful gallery format to encourage sharing and feedback.

+ more

With support for embedding, whether it's Scratch projects, Flipgrid videos, 3D designs, or Google Slides, you can capture and display anything in Inkwire.

Student work goes into their personal binder, accessible and easy-to-search at any time.


Encourage growth & refinement

Use private feedback to encourage students to refine their work and submit multiple drafts.

Design custom badges aligned to standards and mastery–and easily award them when evidence has been provided.


Give students an authentic audience

Inkwire makes it easy to open student work to a broader audience and conduct authentic assessments. With Inkwire's "Showcase" feature, you can share student work with an outside audience with one click, while fine-tuning access and privacy settings.

Student support staff

Allow peers to gain inspiration and feedback from each other. Conduct a gallery walk, critique, or celebration of student work.

Mentors and professional community

Allow working professionals and industry experts to see and comment on student work.

Families and peers

Invite parents to see students' work. Host online exhibitions of learning, or prepare artifacts for student-led conferences.