Power student-centered learning at your school

Inkwire's tools for capturing and sharing learning are especially designed to power student-centered and student-driven inquiry, assessment, and learning. See a detailed look at how Inkwire enables teachers to implement these practices.

Project Based Learning

Mastery Based Assessment

Student Driven Inquiry

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Connect the learning community.

Create school-wide Showcases to open student work to parents, community members, or a public audience.

Easily and securely invite parents, school-based support staff, school leaders, and outside mentors, into student workspaces to see and give feedback on student work.

Leverage Inkwire's portfolio builder and binder for portfolio defenses and student-led conferences

A portfolio for every student.

Easy-to-use portfolio builder for students, with 1-click import from their binder of student work. Portfolios are beautiful & customizable to help students' work and personality shine

Privacy settings can be customized to portfolios to be privately or publicly shared, and to anonymize student names when publicly shared.

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