Hey teachers,

Let's be real–things are messed up right now. While we have no idea what school will look like in the near future, we know it won't be the same for a while.

While online learning is full of challenges and is far from ideal for many of our students and families, teachers everywhere are finding creative and inspiring ways to engage their students.

The reality is that, in this moment, we have to work even harder to create learning opportunities for students that are relevant, personal, and connected to something larger.

While our circumstances don't allow us to connect with each other in the ways we are used to, technology also presents us with tools to connect in ways we haven't before.

Inkwire was developed for that reason alone. Whether we're in an in-person classroom, a virtual learning environment, or something in between, our students deserve to learn, to create, and to share.

Inkwire allows teachers to build a digital space for their students to collaborate on projects in an open-ended or structured environment and to share their work with a larger audience.

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Create a digital space for learning and sharing

Power virtual or hybrid project-based learning with an online hub for collaboration and sharing

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Great for: Middle & High School Classrooms Out-Of-School Learning Programs Online Learning Communities Creative Projects Research Projects Passion Projects

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The Inkwire Toolkit

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Website Builder

Create a website for a classroom, learning community, or personal project.

Capture Tools


Collaborate and receive feedback

Curate select work into a portfolio

How it Works

Feed & Workspace

Easily capture and post photos, videos, audio, text, and files as artifacts of the learning & creative process. Every artifact is saved to a shared, private workspace, where it can be tagged, categorized, and archived. Select artifacts can then be shared with a more public audience. 📓


Use prompts to structure the learning and creative process. Through easy review and commenting tools, collaborators or mentors can easily give feedback on artifacts of learning. Open your project or community up to an outside audience to get feedback from experts. 💬


Create a custom website for your classroom, learning community, or personal project. The website serves as both as private workspace for collaborating and capturing the learning process, but also as a public or semi-public hub to share the journey with larger audience. 🌐


All artifacts collected over time can automatically be turned into a process portfolio to tell the journey of creation and learning. Individuals can pull out their best work to create a showcase portfolio that shows what they can really do. Coming soon

Let's break down the walls of the classroom, together.

For Educators

⚒️Facilitate real world learning
🔦Make IT visible
🌍give students an audience
🦸🏽showcase student strengths

Foster rich collaboration and storytelling

Build a customized digital space for your learners to capture digital artifacts of their learning process. Let them share their learning in a variety of ways, such as 📷 photo, 🎥 video, 🎙️ audio, or 📝 text. Tag artifacts to group them by project or category.

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Guide active learning and provide personalized feedback

Guide learning activities and generate responses using prompts. Prompts can be given to individuals, groups, or to all learners at once. Use prompts to add structure to the learning process in a way that's personalized to each learner. Each prompt is given a dedicated page that makes it easy for a teacher or outside mentor to review responses and give feedback to the learner.

Build an online presence for your classroom

Unlike an assignment-driven LMS such as Google Classroom or Canvas, Inkwire is focused on learners creating and sharing their work with an authentic audience. And unlike most blogging tools or website builders, Inkwire is built with fine-grained privacy controls so you can control whether work is shared with just a 👨🏽🏫 teacher, with a select group of 👩🏾💻 👨🏼🎨 👩🏽💼 family or mentors, or with a 🦚 🌍 public audience.

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Inkwire is designed and made in Oakland, California. By and for educators.
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