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Give your learners multiple ways to demonstrate mastery, an authentic audience for their work, and a digital portfolio that's theirs to keep.

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Start sharing who you are and what you can do with a free, customizable portfolio.

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Break down the walls of the classroom

Inkwire is a digital space for your classroom or learning community, that opens up student learning to a larger audience and lets students demonstrate mastery in a personalized, empowering way.

Give student work an audience.

Allow students to see and share feedback on each other’s work. Invite parents and families to see what their child can do. Bring in professionals and community members to give authentic feedback.

Conduct empowering assessments.

Create authentic performance tasks that allow students to demonstrate mastery in a variety of formats. Give students meaningful feedback and opportunities to revise and improve the quality of their work.

A portfolio for every learner.

Help students archive evidence of their learning and growth over time. Enable them to easily curate their best work into personalized portfolios to showcase to their families or future colleges & employers.

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& Everyone in between

Easily organize your learning community, document your work, or create a public portfolio. Rethink the way you conduct your learning and find new ways to showcase who you are.

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Inkwire leverages the power of portfolios to bring learning to life..