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Inkwire is a learning and assessment platform that facilitates differentiation, documentation, and collaboration––and connects learners to a broader network of support.

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What can you do with Inkwire?

Inkwire can be used for a single assessment or to fully replace a traditional learning management system.
Here are some ways educators are using it today:

Create a community showcase

Collect and share student work in a beautiful gallery format with a broader community for feedback and recognition. Invite families, mentors, or the public to celebrate learning.

Design an interactive learning experience

Design entire projects, assessments, or experiences for and with learners. Organize content, tasks, and milestones and open up student work to peers, mentors, and family members.

Build a collaborative learning community

Use tools such as commenting, emoji reactions, badges, and portfolios to create a home base for a class where learners see and provide feedback on each others' work.

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  • Easily create and facilitate differentiated learning experiences and assessments for students
  • Efficiently see and comment on all student work, and enable feedback by peers, mentors, and families
  • Encourage refinement and drafts, and reward mastery with badges

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School Leaders

  • Support teachers to create high-quality learning and assessments personalized to each student
  • Enable each student to create a customizable portfolio with their best work
  • Showcase the great work happening at your school to families & the broader community

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  • Bring your learning community online with tools for students to easily access learning materials, share their work and creations, and give and receive feedback.
  • Easily share the story of the learning happening in your organization to outside stakeholders.

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Build your learning community.

Inkwire helps educators empower their learners to build a portfolio of work that they are proud of.








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Add an online social layer to your classroom & learning community, to make learning more visible and give student work an audience.

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