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Share your learning. Show your strengths. Start building your body of work.

Inkwire enables educators to turn any activity or assessment into an opportunity for their students give & receive feedback from an authentic audience of peers & adults–and simultaneously build a body of work & digital portfolio that lives beyond their enrollment in a school.

Empower students to learn, create, and share.

Inkwire's tools for learning, assessment, documentation, and portfolios empower each of your students to demonstrate their strengths & become creators, not just consumers.
Project-Based Learning

Create shared learning spaces & experiences

  • Design collaborative projects, assessments, or experiences for and with learners.
  • Organize content, tasks, and milestones
  • Open up student work to feedback from peers and mentors from outside the classroom.
Learn more about Inkwire for PBL
Mr. Ted uses Inkwire to design & facilitate interdisciplinary student projects for 9th graders at High Tech High Chula Vista.
Authentic Audience

Document & showcase student work

  • Collect and share student work in a beautiful gallery format with a broader community for feedback and recognition.
  • Share with and invite outside audiences to see & celebrate student learning.
Learn more about showcasing & sharing student work with Inkwire
Ms. Parnell's class at Bret Harte Middle school in Oakland, CA, uses Inkwire to host a showcase of their coding projects.
Digital Portfolios

Power student portfolios

  • Document the entire learning process and give students a searchable archive of all of their work from which to curate into custom-designed portfolios
  • Portfolios that be shared beyond the school walls and used for presentations and conferences
  • Students carry portfolios with them even after graduation from your school or program
Learn more about creating a portfolio system with Inkwire
Hudson, a student in the PBL pathway at Santa Monica High School, designs his portfolio on Inkwire.

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